Building trust, shaping the future

The Aeronautical, Space and Defence industry is subject to fast-moving development and considerable constraints :

  • In Defence: operational instability and shrinking budgets
  • In Civil Aeronautics: order books fuller than ever before in history (an advantage but also a constraint), technological challenges, the emergence of new players who will change the status quo by 2025
  • In the Space Industry: reorganization of the industry, a fundamental change towards services and the arrival of new players

In this environment, European industries are faced with :

  • difficulty in overcoming a national mentality in order to create synergies at European level
  • having to become more competitive to deal with a situation of under-capacity
  • mastering the technology transfer resulting from the globalization of the economy

Stratorg's expertise

In addition to its recognized expertise throughout the industry, Stratorg has successfully built up a relationship of Trust not only with all industry and government players, but also in labour relations


  • Helping a leading aeronautics and defence company to reorganize one of its entities to simplify its structure and switch from product-based organization to country-based organization
  • For an engineering company, energizing its strategy, adapting its organization while taking into account cultural differences between its national entities, and reinforcing its shared identity
  • For two groups, helping them with the process of aligning their business and with the cultural integration of their constituent companies
  • Helping the Central Committee of a leading European company to identify the underlying strategic and industrial issues of a restructuring plan
  • Helping contract givers and their key suppliers in the aeronautical industry in Midi-Pyrénées with a view to improving their collective performance by introducing a richer, stronger and more committed relationship based on a shared sense of community


> A deliberate choice : structured specialization by industry