Building trust, shaping the future

A heavy industry company had to face up to giving up some areas of its business and making redundant part of its workforce. The CEO became aware of a form of disengagement among the company managers at the very time he was communicating with them about the future prospects of the Group’s other areas of business, which remained good. He was aware that this disengagement or disillusionment would be harmful when the economic climate also affected the other areas of business, because the industry in which the group operates is a cyclical one.

The approach :

Tasking around a hundred managers (by workshopping in small groups) to carry out a Trust audit and understand what comprises trust and its visible and invisible levers and barriers in order to draw up a list of proposals that include the full expression of Trust

Reactions triggered by the approach :

  • A new awareness of the invisible collective methods of functioning that co-exist in the company, arising from its history
  • A shared identification of the changes that were necessary and possible, taking into account the cultural differences and differences between trades
  • The management gave the workforce free rein to propose actions to be implemented
  • The positive pooling of energy around a single project that had a known and recognized name, that was maintained in the long term and in which each person was effectively involved

The results obtained :

  • More clarity about the future of the company
  • The development of a ‘group image’ that created a feeling of belonging within the company and attracted new talent from outside
  • A return to excellence and technological leadership
  • Greater emphasis given to initiative and delegation
  • Greater emphasis given to teamwork and collaboration between trades


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