Building trust, shaping the future

The issue
The role of Trust
The approach

(Re) engaging a workforce that has lost its sense of commitment to the business and which is "dragging its feet" after several difficult episodes


To understand the broken motivation and restore a sense of commitment ; to stimulate a desire to "go the extra mile" ; to show initiative and teamwork

Tasking around a hundred managers (by workshopping in small groups) to carry out a Trust audit and understand what comprises trust and its visible and invisible levers and barriers, in order to draw up a list of proposals that include the full appropriation and expression of trust.

It will then be possible to extend this to all employees using the "Digital Trust" method.


> The tools used : Analysis of The « Climat de Confiance® » (Climate of Trust) in a business and The Contrat Invisible® in a business

> Case study : Recreating commitment following a crisis



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