Building trust, shaping the future

Over the last two decades, Europe’s leading construction companies have changed profoundly (consolidation of national markets, international growth, broadening of their business portfolios and considerable improvement in their profitability), and this has resulted in the formation of much larger groups that are financially more robust and more diverse.

The major industry players are well prepared for the challenges they currently face: a domestic market that is now European, the rise of PPPs to fill the gap left by the fall in public investment, the incorporation of new skills helping these companies position themselves as systems providers, and the opportunities presented by sustainable development.


Stratorg's expertise

With more than 300 assignments carried out in Europe and around the world for nearly 50 customers, Stratorg is familiar with all of the industry players, working in particular with the major construction companies: project management and contractors, engineering, construction (building, civil engineering, highways, electrical and thermal engineering, specialized trades, etc.), associated services, operation and maintenance.



  • Creating a development strategy with targeting of priority countries for a major industry player designed to replace a significant proportion of its order book within 3 to 5 years.
  • Elaborating a workforce engagement plan for a division of a major industry player designed to encourage the creation of a shared vision of the group’s future based on key areas of strategic development, including drawing up action plans, organizational changes and changes in operational methods to ensure growth in these key areas.
  • Drawing up a 5-year business plan for a leading industry player, for a joint venture in a country where it did not yet have a presence.
  • For a major engineering company, evaluating the potential of an emerging area of business, validating its positioning as an integrator, assessment of the accessible market and identifying targets for acquisition/partnership.


A deliberate choice : structured specialization by industry