Building trust, shaping the future

After switching from a public-service economy to a private-enterprise-based economy and following a Europe-wide consolidation phase, Europe’s energy groups are currently engaged in refocussing their business.

Stratorg's expertise

For more than 10 years, Stratorg has been helping the major operators (generators, transmitters, distributors, utility companies, etc.) with :

  • Developing Trust-based relationships with key partners and suppliers designed to strengthen collective performance (quality/cost/deadline, co-innovation, maintaining skills, etc.)
  • Defining and assisting with sustainable development strategies: anticipating regulatory constraints, innovation, new offers, etc.
  • Helping with successive reorganizations while ensuring the continued engagement of the internal workforce
  • Building the alliances and partnerships required to optimize the value of business portfolios and for successful internationalization


  • For a major distributor, helping the Executive Committee to bring on board the management by using our Trust-based approach to reveal the barriers to and levers for increased commitment in order to improve organizational performance which had been subject to numerous cost-reduction initiatives in recent years
  • Helping a European energy company to draw up a Strategic Development Plan: providing a methodology, training country teams responsible for the Plan, and consolidating and structuring the Group Plan
  • For a major energy industry player in Algeria, helping the management to draw up the parent-company strategic plan and training the 100 most senior managers
  • Helping the Central Europe entity of an energy company to draw up Strategic Plans for country entities: energy market analysis, regulatory contexts, SWOT analysis, business portfolio evaluation, identifying strategic priorities
  • Helping the German entity of an energy company to find strategies for taking a new direction: identifying possible new business models, partnerships and acquisition targets, drawing up a strategic plan


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