Building trust, shaping the future

The public sector is facing major modernization challenges.
It is vital that we secure the involvement and engagement of civil servants if we are to ensure that this modernization process is successful, a process that is set to change profoundly the way public services are organized.
A commitment to this process is only possible if there is a dialogue with civil servants that focuses their energy on the heart of the project and allows room for their creativity.

Stratorg's expertise :

Thanks to the tools it has developed and its know-how in building Trust, Stratorg ensures that the human element is taken into account, and that civil servants take ownership of the modernization solutions proposed while the changes are introduced.
These methods and tools make it possible to :

  • Secure consensus that the proposed modernization process is meaningful
  • Reveal the implicit Trust systems in order to determine which levers are to be actioned as a priority in order to bring about this change
  • Ensure the co-construction with civil servants of solutions that secure the engagement of all of the workforce, in making the modernization process a success

References :

  • Recognition by the Secrétariat Général de la Modernisation de l'Action Publique, the state body responsible for modernizing civil service policy in France, of the relevance of a Trust-based approach in assisting with the modernization of the civil service
  • Helping the Services Directorate of a medium-sized town to change the way it is organized to ensure that the Mayor is able to fulfil the commitments of his mandate effectively
  • Helping the Environmental Protection Directorate of a major city to re-introduce order to the working environment (identifying failures through process analysis and revealing the Climate of Trust, jointly constructing a progress plan)


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