Building trust, shaping the future


Stratorg has developed a vast network of experts dedicated to introducing innovation. By creating a blend of corporate strategies, technology strategies and R&D staff coaching, our ‘differentiating’ approach is designed to help each player involved until they complete the development of their products, processes or services, which can even result in setting up new businesses.

Stratorg helps businesses evaluate their innovator profile. Every organization must initiate an examination of both its strengths and its weaknesses :

  • What are we trying to achieve through our innovation strategy ?
  • Which levers do we need to put in place ?
  • Does our culture promote innovation ?
    • capacity to generate creativity that turns into innovation (or fails to do so)
    • capacity to elicit spontaneous new ideas and orchestrate collective innovation
  • Which management methods and systems encourage innovation ?
  • Is our governance sufficiently effective to support innovation ?
  • Are our human, financial and technological resources adequate and available in sufficient quantity to enable innovation ?

Stratorg uses this assessment to help businesses identify the levers that will revamp their strategy to foster innovation and the diverse actions that need to be implemented in order to achieve this.

To facilitate internal dialogue, Stratorg has developed a simple but comprehensive tool: the Stratorg Innovation Index, which quickly identifies the main areas of innovation and development a company needs to pursue.