Building trust, shaping the future

the issue
The role of Trust
The approach
  • How to build and deploy a new strategy that must be :
    • better able to deal with the challenges of future major change
    • better able to engage all of the workforce, which is made up of very different cultures because it is on three continents
  • To understand what underlies the process of engaging a workforce, which is likely to be profondly affected, undermined and even destroyed in the different strategic scenarios being considered
  • To choose the preferred scenario
  • To construct the resulting deployment plan

Tasking a group of managers with :

  • making a strategic diagnosis
  • understanding the stakeholders' intentions
  • evaluating the company's know-how
  • construction of strategic scenarios
  • incorporating cultural change when choosing the preferred scenario
  • constructing a deployment plan that incorporates the necessary changes to the Invisible Contract ®


> The tool used : The Contrat Invisible® in a business

> Case study : Revisiting a strategy to improve engagement with it and make it better able to cope with major changes in the future



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