Building trust, shaping the future

The ‘Climat de Confiance®’ is a tool used to determine the capacity of a company to foster commitment among its workforce. It is measured through six dimensions:

  • Discourse: this is one of the founding elements of Trust. It includes the clarity and credibility of the management’s discourse and in return its ability to listen.
  • Relationship with the future: this is the workforce’s perception of business’s ability to prepare for the future.
  • Dependability of the rules of the game: this is the perception of the reliability and robustness of the rules of operation, be they explicit or implicit, within the business. Are these rules capable of predicting behaviour?
  • Pride: this is the most effective way to pass on Trust. It is closely associated with the feeling of belonging. It influences the ability of the workforce to participate actively in corporate life and the success of a business..
  • Personal recognition: this is about measuring and recognizing the individual performance of every employee and taking into account his or her personal plans.
  • Collective expectation-raising: this is ability of a business to promote teamwork, support the ability of the workforce to develop and raise their expectations collectively.


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