Building trust, shaping the future

Transport (land, air, maritime, river; passenger and freight) is undergoing unprecedented change: deregulation, opening up of public procurement procedures, privatization of public operators, changes in contractual mechanisms and risk-sharing, environmental pressures.

Business must respond by :

  • Internationalizing themselves
  • Making acquisitions or alliances
  • Innovating in products/services for users

Stratorg's expertise

A partner for leading industry players (transport operators, component manufacturers and infrastructure builders), Stratorg has a clear overview of the issues governing the industry both in Europe and worldwide. Thanks to its expertise in anticipation and innovation, it can help its customers make major changes


  • Reorganization of the engineering business of a leading passenger rail transport operator
  • For a leading public passenger transport company, attractiveness evaluations of several countries, drawing up entry strategies and help with forming an alliance with a European rail operator
  • For a public passenger transport operator, seeing through the reorganization of the group’s senior management following a merger, taking into account the invisible contracts
  • Helping a motorway infrastructure operator over several years with introducing a technological innovation project for toll collecting

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