Building trust, shaping the future

Trust cannot be established in a business if only part of that business’s social structure is involved. Trust must be built up patiently with all of the social partners (management and labour organizations).

These days the quality of social dialogue is very mixed, and within a business the best and the worst can coexist. The dialogue is rarely conducive to trust. Historically, dialogue has been hard won, with unchanging inflexibility resulting in staunchly defended positions of principle. However, some businesses have brought about spectacular and profound changes in this area. In general, this is not down to chance but to the emergence at some point of a willingness of the parties involved to take a different route.

To facilitate this process of starting down a new route, Stratorg has worked with union officials from the main trade unions to develop a tool that can be used by both managers and employee representatives, to explore together the quality of the social dialogue and ways of improving it.

This method is based on four main questions which each party must answer:


Trust and Labour relations

To ‘turn the corner’, each person has to buy into a shared vision of this diagnosis. It is by understanding the point of view of both sides (which does not mean abandoning one’s own point of view), applying a spectrum of questions from a different angle, that will reveal both the usefulness of change and the first steps towards that change.


Stratorg's tools : :